Accent Lighting Systems You Can Customize

Wherever you are in Wisconsin, you can trust K-tecH Lighting LLC to customize your property’s accent lighting systems. This makes homes, workplaces, and retail centers more visually appealing, with a cozy ambiance that adds to their welcoming vibe.

With customization comes tech innovation. The lighting systems we design and install can be controlled by high-tech apps.

Generate More Curb Appeal

Dramatically lit homes make appraisers sit up and take note of stately features, such as pillars or columns, that hike the value of the real estate. If you simply want to make your home stand out from the humdrum of the neighborhood, turn the lights on.


Program Light Changes

Try out the different functions of your lighting app. Change light behavior throughout the week to suit your mood. You can also schedule when to turn on your holiday lights using our calendar feature.

Outdoor lighting systems for residential properties

Downlighting and Uplighting

With a downlighting system, circuits are hidden behind your trim. Uplighting systems, on the other hand, are those installed in your landscape or patio. Having lighting systems installed behind trims protects cables from getting damaged by inclement weather.

Game day lighting

Holiday Lighting Features

Select patterns and choose from over 102 presets. You may also schedule lights to turn on or change automatically via calendar and timer-synchronized options.
Have different lighting moods going on at the front and back of your house. Just switch to the zoning mode on our app.



Get into the yuletide spirit sans the tiresome setting up and taking down chores. With permanently installed lights, you can now choose lighting equations to match celebratory vibes for various exciting holidays.

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Find many spooky functions and colors to make your neighbors scream.

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Fourth of July

Showcase your patriotism with red, white, and blue lights.

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Saint Patrick’s Day

Let the lucky streak kick in with some Irish green lighting.

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Valentine’s Day

Say love is in the air with red and pink lighting.

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Security Lighting

Light up your home and prevent break-in attempts. Our security lighting has brightness that can easily be seen by neighbors and passersby. This also enables more vivid security camera video captures.

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Game-Day Lighting

With a press of a button, light up your home for game-time fun. Scan away at team options and pick the ones lighting up your favorite team’s colors.

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Patio Lighting

Bring light to outdoor spaces while entertaining guests. You can also add these lights to make those meditative Zen moments alone more relaxing. For your patio, find many color options and amazing transitions.

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We've got vibrant lights to make your Easter egg hunts more colorful.

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Commercial Lighting

Light up workplace interiors, facades, or storefronts and lure in more customers and foot traffic. Play around with various charming color options, and never worry. Our lights are permanently installed so you can focus more on attending to customers.

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Illuminate to Elevate

Turn the lights on and enhance home, workplace, or retail area interiors and exteriors with some dramatic illumination. We’re here to provide you with lighting designs and install the systems you’d love to have.