Frequently Asked Questions About JellyFish Lighting

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It is a permanent color-changing LED lighting system suitable for residential exteriors. This kind of regular accent lighting resembles recessed can illumination, capable of shedding hues and patterns associated with holiday and celebratory themes.

Pricing is based on the amount of materials, the difficulty of installation, location, and season. With this system, you do away with the need to hire and pay holiday light installers every year.

Since each light is independently selectable, you may choose which lights to turn on and in what hue (more than 16 million different colors). There are more than 100+ preset patterns.

Yes, because you may select which lights to turn on and in any color. You may leave the rest of the lights off and turn on two lights at the peak of each peak.

Save several weekly and nightly timers, as well as calendar events for holidays and other special occasions. Time along sunset to sunrise hours since our apps are hooked up to

A JellyFish lighting system is a LED lighting system. LED lights last longer and enjoy very long service life ratings.

Our warranty is valid for 1 year covering labor and 3 years covering parts.

The RGB lights create more than 16 million different colors. Users can design unique software and colors for endless options possible.

Yes, you can.

With a zoning mode on, turn on particular lights or simultaneously use multiple patterns on separate areas of your home.

With the P2 system, updates happen through your device’s app store. For more information, visit

Controller updates occasionally happen (maybe once or twice a year). The link:
offers instructions on how to update the firmware on your controller.

Updates are more common and can be acquired at your device’s app store.

Installed indoors, usually on a wall in your garage, shielded from the environment. All these devices are connected to a wall outlet.

Depending on the wiring format, one controller can power up to 300 feet. We run low-voltage cables from your garage to the first section of the roofing's soffit.

Yes. The lights are low-voltage. You can change them on your own, but we can do this for you upon request.

Our lighting crew moves an average of more than 150 feet of cable each day.

The lights are mounted on the exterior of the soffit, facing downward behind the fascia or trim.

To book installation, please pay half of the balance. Upon completion, pay the remaining balance.

The facility in Orem, Utah, produces the controllers, while the metals are made in Utah, Colorado, and Texas. Local community members are hired to render services with us. The lights are manufactured in Asia.

JellyFish has been producing color-changing outdoor lights since 2011. The company has been operating under this trademark since 2016.

Less than one watt of power is used by the lights on full bright white. The controller draws around 1.1 amps of power for every 100 feet.

Yes, you can dim the lights.

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